sneaker terms for the connoisseurs


Beaters are the kicks that you always choose to wear over and over again until they are worn out. The creases, scuffs and stains give these kicks character.

“I grind, party and exercise in my beaters. The most comfortable kicks in my collection”


Sneakers that are new in the box, not taken out or ever worn. If you take the kicks and put them back exactly as they were without trying them on, they can still qualify.

“These kicks are too dope to wear! I’m gonna keep them boxfresh”


One of many various combinations for the colour scheme of kicks. For example, Blue/White and Black/Red are two different colourways for one shoe model.

“Check my new Black Cement colourways bru! Totally sick also want the True Blues!”


An ornamental shoelace tag found at the base of the shoelaces. It is typically made of metal, plastic, or leather and contains text or the shoe brand logo.

“Love the detail on the Air Force 1’s deubre! Such classy kicks!”


The shoes you have to have before you die. Mostly rare limited-edition sneakers, but for some can be an everyday colourway or an old pair you wish you held onto as a kid.

“Dude! The original first edition Nike Air Force 1’s are my grails!”


The height of the sneaker is well above the top of the ankle. They were originally made to give additional ankle support. They come in both lace up and slip-on styles.

“Bra, those hightops are off the chain! They almost touch your knees!”


They are the most limited sneakers released and are dropped without any warning. They are released in extremely limited numbers, sometimes only to friends and family.

“Dammit! I missed the latest Nike hyperstrike last night!”


Is a sneaker model that came out previously and is then released again. It is molded to the specification of the original sneaker.

“These retros are almost as good as the originals!”

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